"5000 Years Of Greek Aloe Vera"

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100% certified organic #aloevera gel of Cretan cultivation without #aloin



We are a family filled with vision, knowledge, strong beliefs, and goals with values.

We are one of the few companies with a 100% preference for organic & organic raw materials that have managed to promote Greek innovation.

Biogel Quality

We are dedicated to the continuous research, development, and production of the most effective Aloe Vera #drinkinggel products, aiming to help and optimize your health and that of your pets.

All our products are made with the best ingredients, tested and certified by all the competent authorities and we confess that we passed with”excellent”


Why do we stand out?

It is in our philosophy: that our products are created with undivided love, and respect for the environment and humans, as well as for our pets. In very simple words,

biogel quality

100% Greek production of high-quality organic products and ingredients.

biogel aloe

Up to 20 times more pure #Aloevera Barbadensis – Miller gel content than any other product.

biogel supplements

Delicious and fortified with vitamins, amino acids, minerals, omega-3 fats, and beneficial herbs for every diet

biogel factory

Fully certified production units and crops.

biogel team

A specialized scientific team in the cultivation, production, and processing of aloe.

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Our Premium Series

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With the letter A, it is customary to designate the quality of a product (a’ quality).

This is what we wanted and managed to achieve for the #BioGel Original. quality.

We will continue to strive for this result and even better, every day!

Did you know? 1LT drinking gel aloe vera a by BioGel is equivalent to 8 – 20lt of any other product in the Greek market – and not only!


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